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Spartans were feared and respected in ancient times because they were, from a very young age, taught to be warriors, to be disciplined, to be fierce, and to never back down from a challenge.

Spartan Labs is a company that is meant to appeal to the inside warrior that everyone wants to be. We all have that person inside us that wants to accomplish our goals, do what we want, be who we want, and do whatever it takes to get there; Spartan Labs helps people to find this person inside themselves and unleash that warrior, that Spartan.

At Spartan Labs, we use only the highest quality ingredients to produce the most effective, great tasting products to help athletes of all disciplines achieve the best results throughout all levels of their fitness journey. Try Spartan Labs Original Line, or Women’s Line today, you will not be disappointed!


Spartan Tropin

Spartan Tropin is a supplement meant to function like growth hormone. This has several perks, including but not limited to, healthier appearing skin, hair, and nails, increased recovery, better and deeper sleep. Also aids in lean muscle growth and maintenance.

Combat Cree Pree

Combat Cree Pre is a great addition to your regimen to help with energy and focus during your workout. It helps reduce soreness and increase recovery time. Aids in building and maintaining lean muscle mass. Gives you the extra boost you need for added motivation at the gym.


Get serious results to increase lean mass gains and hardnesss. Get that extra boost to prolong endurance & sculpt your body. Increase strength…